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Blender mechanical seal can be used in many harsh environments
Nov 21, 2017

Blender mechanical seal, to prevent liquid and gas leakage has a very good sealing effect, he really isolated from the outside environment to achieve a certain degree of environmental protection, while avoiding the corrosive substances invade the outside world, the destruction of the internal operation of the machine, from the last At the beginning of this century, our country has been studying the mechanical seal of this stirrer. Until the past ten years, the relevant design agencies in our country have just found out the best solution and are well placed to catch on with the advanced foreign countries.

Under normal circumstances, the blender is a precision mechanical parts, the process of improper maintenance may also lead to poor air tightness, it has been the use of imported equipment, and now China's domestic has also been competitive in the Many desulphurization equipment, some of the centrifuge structure, including the mixer, have used a domestic mechanical stirrer seal, which greatly expanded our technical level, mixer mechanical seal, but also with some auxiliary systems together Use, to achieve full safety, efficiency, energy saving effect.

Blender mechanical seal, to be safe and stable throughout the process, while doing a very good sealing effect, due to its use in many food industry and chemical industry or petroleum refining industry, so the production environment is extremely poor, the mechanical seal of the mixer Caused a great impact, so the design process, often using special materials, to be able to fight against these harsh environment, improve its service life and increase its economic value, a set of domestic mixer mechanical seal, than the Foreign produced more than 3,000 yuan cheaper, a set of down, you can cheaper than 60,000 yuan.

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