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brief introduction of rubber seals
Mar 03, 2018

The rubber seal is a kind of common base element in the sealing device, which plays a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and seal. Solve the problem of leakage and sealing in the process of human conquest of nature. It has been an important way to promote technological progress, prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Rubber seals are a kind of rubber products widely used in sealing technology. Because the rubber has the precious elastic polymer material, the wide temperature range, gives the small stress in the different medium to have the bigger distortion, this kind of deformation may provide the contact pressure, compensates the leakage clearance, achieves the seal the goal. The main products are rubber seal ring, rubber gasket, FLANGE gasket, rubber damping block, rubber o-ring, V-ring, X-ring, Y-ring, and other forms, sizes, colors, hardness and materials of rubber products, although our rubber seals products start relatively slow, but with the social progress, new sealing production equipment and technology emerging , the technical requirements of sealing products become more and more stringent, thus further promote the development and development of new products.

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