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Discussion on the Design Selection of Mixer in Mixing Equipment
Nov 21, 2017

Mixing device design and selection of mixing operations in close cooperation with the purpose. All kinds of different mixing process need to be run by different mixing device to achieve, in the design of the first selection of the process according to the purpose of mixing operations and requirements, to determine the mixer type, motor power, stirring speed, and then select the reducer, the machine Rack, mixing shaft, shaft seals and other components. Determine the required process

Reference laboratory equipment, small pilot and pilot data

List the required conditions, such as flammable, durable, vacuum, corrosion-resistant, high temperature and other conditions, the selection of equipment to meet the process and condition requirements

Determine the required yield and yield, the choice of equipment to meet the yield and yield requirements

According to the production of health requirements, to determine the equipment structure and surface treatment of the special requirements

For more unpredictable factors, the case of complex technology, it is proposed to adopt the conservative selection method of equipment installation, space occupied, the configuration of hydropower, installed capacity, etc., the selected equipment and plant layout unified

Cost estimates: equipment purchase costs, installation costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, depreciation costs.

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