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How effective is the effectiveness of mechanical seals to improve efficiency?
May 14, 2018

How effective is the mechanical seal to increase the efficiency of the function? What about the installation and design of mechanical seals? The most demanding requirements for working in fluid machinery are mechanical seals, which are subjected to axial forces like mechanical seals for thrust bearing pumps; the heat generated is exported like a heat exchanger. It is difficult to achieve static sealing in special high temperature and high pressure situations. People have been experiencing such difficult problems for a long time. To solve them, we use mechanical seals in two ways. One is to start with sealed structures and materials, and the other is to improve the working environment through auxiliary facilities. Because it is rare that no auxiliary equipment is used in the actual work operation, through the auxiliary facilities, certain harsh working environments are changed to be sealed and accepted, so that the effect of the mechanical seal is greatly improved and the scope of use is broader. The frictional heat generated during the operation of the mechanical seals increases the temperature of the sealed end face. If no corresponding facilities are used, how effective the mechanical seal can be to increase the working efficiency will have many adverse consequences.

Manufacturers of mechanical seals introduce the technical specifications of the seals, using a pump with a rigid housing, a rigid shaft, and a high-quality support system. The concept of the torque mechanical seal torque includes the end surface friction torque caused by the end surface friction during normal operation, the starting torque required for starting the mechanical seal, and the agitation torque caused by the agitation of the fluid by the rotating assembly during the sealing operation. The friction torque and stirring torque of the end face determine the power consumption and operating cost of the mechanical seal. It is a commonly used index to evaluate the performance of the mechanical seal. The power consumption of heavy mechanical seals applied to high pressure, high speed, and large shaft diameter is also quite high. considerable. Although the technical standards of China's mechanical seals do not set specific requirements for the torque index, it is necessary to measure the mechanical seal's friction torque and power consumption to measure the mechanical seal installation and technical requirements and evaluation.

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