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how much do you know about mechanical seals?
Mar 06, 2018

Mechanical seal is a device for preventing fluid leakage, consisting of a minimum of a pair of end surfaces perpendicular to the axis of rotation that are maintained with a combined relative slip under the coordination of fluid pressure and compensation mechanism elasticity and auxiliary seals. The elastic loading mechanism and the auxiliary seal is the mechanical seal of the metallic ripple tube We call the metal bellows seal. In light seals, there are rubber bellows used as auxiliary seals, rubber bellows Elastic Limited, generally need to be supplemented by springs to meet the load elasticity.

The mechanical seal structure is various, the most commonly used mechanical seal structure is the end face seal. The static ring and the movable ring of the end face Seal are composed of a pair of friction pairs, and the friction pair is to prevent the media from leaking. It requires static ring, dynamic ring, with good wear resistance, movable ring can be moved flexibly in the axial direction, automatic compensation seal surface wear, so that it and static ring good fit, static ring has a floating, buffering effect. To this end, the sealing surface requires a good processing quality, to ensure that the sealing pair has a good fit performance. The basic components of mechanical seals are static ring, movable ring, gland, push ring, spring, positioning ring, sleeve, ring seal, static ring seal ring, sleeve sealing ring, etc.

"Mechanical Seals" is also known as "Machine seal." A mechanical seal is an axle seal device of a rotating machine. such as centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, reactors and compressors and other equipment. As the transmission shaft runs through the equipment inside and outside, so that there is a circumferential gap between the shaft and the equipment, the media in the equipment through the gap to the outside leakage, if the equipment pressure is lower than the atmosphere, the air to the equipment leakage, so must have a leak-blocking shaft seal device. There are many kinds of shaft seals, due to the mechanical seal with less leakage and long life, so the world today mechanical seals are the most important in these equipment shaft seal. Mechanical seals are also called end-face seals, this is defined in the relevant national standards: "A device for preventing leakage of fluids consisting of at least a pair of end surfaces perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the form of fluid pressure and the action of the compensation Mechanism's elasticity (or magnetism) and the auxiliary seal to maintain a combined relative slip.

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