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How to choose the type of mechanical seal?
Jun 27, 2018

How to choose the type of mechanical seal?

According to media characteristics selection


Corrosion of weak media, usually choose the built-in mechanical seal, the end face force state and media leakage direction are more reasonable than the external type. For highly corrosive media, because springs are difficult to select, external or PTFE bellows type mechanical seals may be used, but generally only within the range of p≤0.2 to 0.3 MPa.


Easy to crystallize, easy to solidify and high viscosity medium, should adopt large spring rotary structure mechanical seal. Because small springs are easily clogged with solids, high-viscosity media can hinder the axial movement of small springs.


Flammable, explosive, toxic media, in order to ensure that the media does not leak, should be sealed (liquid) sealed mechanical seal with double-end structure.


The structure selected according to the above operating parameters and media properties is often only a preliminary plan, and the final determination must also consider the characteristics of the mechanical seal host and certain special requirements for sealing. For example, the rocket engine seal life is only a few minutes, but it requires absolutely no leakage in a short time. In order to obtain a more effective space, the host on the ship sometimes puts very strict requirements on the size and installation position of the mechanical seal, and on the submarine's drainage pump, the pressure changes greatly during the submarine's ups and downs. Under these circumstances, the standard structure cannot be selected according to the routine, but the specific conditions must be specially designed and the necessary auxiliary measures taken.

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