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Installation Considerations of grundfos mechanical seal
Mar 14, 2018

Installation and application requirements of mechanical seals

1, mechanical seals on the machine precision requirements (to pump mechanical seals as an example)

(1) The maximum radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or sleeve) installed on the mechanical seal is no more than 0.04~0.06mm.

(2) The axial movement of the rotor does not exceed 0.3MM.

(3) The maximum run-out tolerance of the face shaft (or sleeve) surface of the locating end which is combined with the sealing end cap is not more than 0.04~0.06mm.

2. Confirmation of sealing parts

(1) Confirm that the installed seal is the same as the required model.

(2) Before installation should be carefully compared with the final assembly diagram, the number of parts is complete.

(3) The use of ring-spring transmission of mechanical seals, the spring has a left and right rotation of the points, the rotation of the rotating shaft should always be selected.

3, installation

The installation method differs depending on the type of mechanical seal and the type of machine, but the installation essentials are almost the same, installation steps and precautions are as follows:

(1) Installation size determination

Installation, should be in accordance with the product instructions or samples to ensure the installation of mechanical seals size. (2) before loading, shaft (sleeve), gland should be no burr, the bearing is in good condition, seals, shafts, sealing cavities, gland should be clean. In order to reduce friction resistance, the installation of mechanical seals on the shaft should be coated with a thin layer of oil to lubricate, taking into account the compatibility of rubber o-rings, if not suitable for oil, can be coated soapy water.

Floating-type static ring without the protection of the structure of the resale, not suitable for oil, should be dry-loaded gland. (3) First the static ring and the gland mounted on the shaft, pay attention not to collide with the shaft, and then load the moving ring assembly.

The fastening screws of the spring seat or the transmission seat shall be tightened evenly several times. Before the gland is fixed, the push compensation ring is used as axial compression, and the compensating ring can automatically bounce back without hysteresis after releasing, then the gland bolt is locked evenly.

4. Use

(1) When the transmission medium temperature is high, too low, or contain impurities particles, flammable, explosive, toxic, must take appropriate blocking, flushing, cooling, filtration and other measures.

2 before running with the hands of the car, pay attention to whether the torque is too large, there is no rub and abnormal sound.

  (3) Attention to the rotation, whether the coupling is correct, the bearing parts of the lubricating oil addition is appropriate, the piping is right.

  (4) Before the operation of the first medium, cooling water valve open, check the sealing cavity of the gas is all discharged, to prevent static pressure caused leakage, and then the boot operation. (5) After driving the work is normal and stable, there is no due to shaft rotation caused by abnormal torque, as well as abnormal sound and overheating phenomenon.


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