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Kettle mechanical seal with the use of the environment
Nov 21, 2017

The mechanical seal of the autoclave is a mechanical seal used on the reactor. It is a very important part of the autoclave. It directly affects the service life and stability of the autoclave. Therefore, to improve the service life and reliability of the mechanical seal for autoclaves, it is necessary to study the production of a mechanical seal with a higher parameter so as to improve the performance and the service life of the reaction kettle.

We all know the use of mechanical seals in the reactor conditions or the worst use of the environment. Mainly for the following aspects.

 1. Stirring shaft side reaction kettle: from the lubrication point of view, such reactors with mechanical seals generally do not have poor lubrication problems, but the kettle media page must maintain a certain height.

 2. Stirring shaft at the bottom of the plug-in reactor: polymerization reactor has been gradually to the direction of the development of large, its stirring shaft from the top of the plug-in to the bottom of the plug-in transition. Bottom of the plug-in is characterized by short mixing shaft, the bending stress suffered by the shaft is small, so the calculation of small shaft diameter, labor-saving, save material. The short axis is more rigid than the long axis and the deformation is small.

 3. Stirring shaft at the top of the plug-in reactor: the top of the plug-in mixing shaft reactor wide range of applications, the sealing problems encountered are different from the foregoing. Because the seal is placed in the upper part of the kettle, it is in the gas phase space (the liquid is in full phase when the material is full). In order to avoid the seal dry friction, a certain lubrication cooling method is required. The top of the vertical axis of the mixing shaft, the aspect ratio, processing and installation accuracy may be lower, it will inevitably have a larger curvature around.

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