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Mechanical Seal Corrosion Protection Tips
Sep 25, 2018

Because the mechanical seal special layout method also has the work environment and the condition is different, therefore the corrosion damage shape also various. Four fluorine sealing ring, PTFE gasket and other mechanical seals common damage methods are mainly corrosion damage, heat damage and mechanical damage.

In the meantime, the harm of corrosion damage is relatively large oh.

I. Metal RING corrosion 1, surface uniform corrosion. If the metal ring surface contact corrosive media, and the metal itself is not corrosion-resistant, surface corrosion will occur, the phenomenon is leakage, early wear, damage, sound and so on. Metal surface uniform corrosion film and no film two shapes, non-film corrosion of metal is very dangerous, called stress Corrosion Division, the use of hardfacing cemented carbide and cast iron, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide seal ring, briefly showing stress corrosion division.

The corrosion process is carried out at a certain speed, which intensifies the galvanic corrosion. 2, stress corrosion split. The role of metal in corrosion and tensile stress together with the installation of mechanical seals, wear resistance. The corrosion of the filled F4 ring mainly refers to the selective corrosion, dissolution or metamorphosis damage of the filler.

such as in hydrofluoric acid, glass fiber molecular heat corrosion, these cracks communicate the entire sealing end face, speed up the wear of the end surface, so that the leakage increased.

Two. Non-metal ring corrosion 1, graphite ring corrosion. Resin Impregnation of the non-permeable graphite ring, its corrosion has three reasons: first, when the end surface overheating, the temperature is greater than 180oC, impregnated resin to be folded off the graphite ring, so that the ring wear resistance decreased; second, if the resin is impregnated, the sealing cooling system is the establishment of the Seal factory, which is mainly the fault of material composition.

Film-forming corrosion, the passivation film generally has a protective effect of the characteristics, but the metal sealing ring materials used, such as stainless steel, cobalt, chromium alloy, such as the surface of the passivation film in the end friction damage, under the condition of hypoxia, the new film is difficult to produce, the choice of corrosion-resistant impregnation resin, high pressure impregnation, to increase the depth 2, Teflon (PTFE gasket) SEALING RING corrosion. will be in the medium of chemical changes, but also to reduce wear resistance; third, the resin impregnation depth is not, when the impregnation layer, wear resistance decreased. F4 filled with glass fiber, first in the thin area of cracks, and then to the depth of development, splitting, sealing ring crack is generally radial divergent type, can be so one or more. Graphite powder, metal powder and so on to improve its temperature resistance, wear resistance. The corrosion of the filled F4 ring mainly refers to the selective corrosion, dissolution or metamorphosis damage of the filler.

such as in hydrofluoric acid, the glass fiber molecule heat corrosion, so the filling should depend on the specific circumstances. 3, oxidation of graphite ring. In the oxidizing medium, the end face in the dry conflict or the cooling is bad, the occurrence 350~40o℃ temperature can cause the graphite ring and the oxygen to react, the occurrence co, the gas, may make the end surface to become rough, even splits. Non-metallic rings can also be divided under the action of chemical medium and stress.

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