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Mechanical seal installation and use requirements
Nov 21, 2017

1, mechanical seal on the accuracy of the machine (pump mechanical seal, for example)

(1) The radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or sleeve) on which the mechanical seal is to be mounted shall not exceed 0.04 to 0.06 mm.

(2) rotor axial movement does not exceed 0.3MM.

(3) the sealing cavity and sealing end cap positioning end face of the shaft (or sleeve) surface runout tolerance of not more than 0.04 ~ 0.06MM.

2, seal confirmation

(1) Confirm that the seal installed is the same as the required model number.

(2) Before installation, it should be carefully controlled with the assembly diagram, the number of parts is complete.

(3) and the use of spring mechanical seal transmission, the spring left and right spin points, according to the rotation of the shaft to choose.

3, installation

Installation method with mechanical seal type, the type of machine varies, but its installation essentials are almost the same, the installation steps and precautions are as follows:

(1) Determination of installation dimensions

Installation, the product should be used according to instructions or samples to ensure the installation of mechanical seal size.

(2) Prior to loading, the shaft (sleeve) and gland should be free from burrs and the bearing is in good condition; the seals, shaft, seal chamber and gland should be clean. In order to reduce the frictional resistance, the shaft should be coated with a thin layer of oil on the mechanical seal to lubricate. Considering the miscibility of rubber O-rings, soapy water should be applied if oil is not suitable. Floating static ring without anti-rotation of the structure should not be oiled, should be dry-loaded gland.

(3) Install the static ring and the gland together on the shaft first, be careful not to touch the shaft, then insert the moving ring assembly. Spring seat or drive seat set screws should be evenly tightened several times.

Before the gland is not fixed, push the compensation ring by hand for axial compression. After the release, the compensation ring can automatically rebound without jamming, and then the gland bolt is evenly locked.

4, use

(1) When the temperature of conveying medium is too high, too low, or it contains impurity particles, it is necessary to take appropriate measures of blocking, washing, cooling and filtering when it is flammable, explosive and poisonous.

(2) hand crank before operation, pay attention to whether the torque is too large, with or without rubbing and abnormal sound.

(3) Note that the direction of rotation, whether the coupling, bearing lubricant addition is appropriate, piping is correct.

(4) Before operation, turn on the medium and cooling water valve to check whether the gas in the sealed chamber is completely discharged to prevent the static pressure from leaking, and then turn on the machine.

(5) whether the work after driving is normal and stable, whether there is abnormal torque caused by shaft rotation, abnormal noise and overheating.

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