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Mechanical seal installation and use requirements
Jul 17, 2018

1) The mechanical seal and material matching of the suitable type of light mechanical seal should be selected according to the working conditions and the host to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine seal.

2) The radial runout tolerance of the medium mechanical seal of the pump with the shaft (sleeve) of the mechanical seal is ≤0.04mm, and the axial yaw of the rotor is ≤0.1mm.

3) Install the sealed end cap (or housing) of the mechanical seal stationary ring, and the perpendicularity of the positioning end face to the shaft is ≤0.04mm.

4) Mechanical seal When installing, the shaft (sleeve bushing), sealing cavity, sealing end cap and mechanical seal itself must be cleaned to prevent any impurities from entering the sealing part.

5) When the temperature of the conveying medium is too high, too low, or contains impurity particles, flammable, and easy to use, the mechanical seal of the slurry pump is toxic and toxic, it must refer to the relevant standards of mechanical seals, and take corresponding sealing, rinsing, cooling, and over-consideration. And other measures.

6) When the mechanical seal is installed, it should be properly lubricated. According to the product installation instructions, the installation dimensions of the mechanical seal are guaranteed.

7) The equipment must be filled with media before operation to prevent dry friction and seal failure.

8) For the mechanical seal of single spring transmission in the sample, the spring rotation should be reasonably selected. Generally, when the shaft is turned clockwise, the right-handed spring should be selected when the shaft is turned clockwise.

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