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Mechanical seal removal precautions
Nov 21, 2017

Pump mechanical seal is one of the most effective ways to seal the rotating mechanical body. The precision of machining itself is relatively high, especially the dynamic and static rings. If the disassembly and assembly methods are not suitable or used properly, the assembled mechanical seal not only can not reach the seal The purpose, but also damage the assembly of the sealing element.

In the removal of mechanical seals, the use of hand hammer and flat shovel is prohibited, so as not to damage the sealing element.

If there is a mechanical seal on both ends of the pump, care must be taken in the disassembly process to prevent loss.

Mechanical seals on the job, if the gland loose seal surface movement occurs, you should replace the dynamic and static ring parts, should not be re-tightened to continue to use. Because after loosening, friction original vice orbit will change, the contact surface of the seal can easily be destroyed.

If the sealing element is fouled or agglomerated, remove the condensate and then remove the mechanical seal.

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