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Mechanical seal repair method and mechanical seal precautions
Jun 01, 2018

First, the note that the mechanical seal disassembles

1. The sequence of mechanical seals is the reverse of the order in which mechanical seals are disassembled.

2. Care must be taken in the process of dismantling the mechanical seal. Do not use the hammer, flat spatula, or mechanical seal. Do not damage the seal surface of the seal or static ring.

3. If there is too much dirt, such as oil, can not be dismantled, must be cleaned with kerosene and other clean kettle mechanical seal clean and re-open, adhere to the machine parts are intact.

Second, mechanical seal repair requirements and processes

1. After the machine seal is removed, the pump body of the device is first checked and the following requirements must be met:

(1) The maximum bending of the shaft is less than or equal to 0.05mm, and the axial displacement is ≤0.05mm;

(2) The runout of the dynamic ring seal ≤ 0.01mm;

(3) The surface roughness of the shaft or sleeve of the machine seal is 1.6 μm, and the surface roughness of the seal surface is 3.2 μm.

Next, overhaul the mechanical seal:

(1) Check the mechanical seal components. The components shall be completely and non-destructive, and there shall be no defects such as scratches and bumps on the surface of the movable and static rings. If any damage is found, it shall be corrected or replaced from the beginning.

(2) Check if the spring force of the spring is smaller; if it is smaller, the spring must be replaced from the head;

(3) Check the inner wall of the seal and the inner and outer surfaces of the seal cover for damage. If any problems are found, repair it in time.

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