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Mechanical seal replacement steps
Nov 21, 2017

Change the details of the various pump mechanical seals and the method of replacing the mechanical seals

In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, usually three months to replace a machine seal, this paper on how to replace the machine seal and seal replacement steps to do a detailed description for your reference.

Change the mechanical seal of the pump: 1. First install the left part; mounted on the seal plate 2. Then install the right moving ring, moving ring and static ring sealing surface to be clean 3. Then install key and impeller. Flakes and nuts. Before installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the number of assembled sealing parts is sufficient, whether the components are damaged, in particular whether there is a bump, crack or deformation on the moving ring or static ring. If there is a problem, repair or replacement of new spare parts is required.

Check the sleeve or gland chamfer is appropriate, if not meet the requirements must be trimmed.

Mechanical seal components and their associated assembly contact surface, before installation must be cleaned with acetone or anhydrous alcohol. During the installation process should be kept clean, especially moving, stationary ring and auxiliary sealing elements should be free of impurities, dust.

Tighten the gland should be corrected after the coupling.

Check the gland and shaft or sleeve diameter with the mating gap (and concentricity), we must ensure that the surrounding uniform, with a feeler to check the tolerance of each point is not greater than 0.10 mm.

The amount of spring compression to be carried out according to regulations, not allowed to have too large or too small, the required error of ± 2.00 mm, over the General Assembly to increase the section pressure, accelerate section wear. Too small will cause the pressure is insufficient and can not play the role of seal, the spring installed in the spring seat to move flexible.

After the installation of moving ring to maintain flexible movement, the moving ring should be able to automatically spring back after the pressure to the spring.

Set the static ring seal on the back of the static ring first and then the sealed end cap.

The installation process must not be allowed to use the tool directly beat the sealing element, need to beat, you must use special tools to beat, to prevent damage to the sealing element

All seals should be coated with a lubricant such as soap and water during assembly to avoid damaging the apron during assembly. Static and dynamic ring between the sealing surface coated with grease to prevent static and dynamic ring sealing surface wear in the pump before driving.

Install the seal should be gently, to prevent damage to the seal, the seal should be installed and the cavity scrub clean.

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