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Mechanical seals Water and mechanical seals What are the problems with cooling water?
Jun 04, 2018

Mechanical seals Water and mechanical seals What are the problems with cooling water?

In mechanical seal applications, the functions of the mechanical seal water and cold water are often not divided. The following teacher will help you solve the problem of cooling water in mechanical seals and mechanical seals:

1 Overview:

Mechanical seal seal: It is a sealed form of rotating machinery such as water pump;

Sealing points of the pump: packing seal, mechanical seal, floating ring seal, etc.

The mechanical seal is based on two dynamic and static rings pressed tightly together to maintain the mechanical seal. The mechanical seal is applied to the spring pump.

If the dynamic and static ring seal surface is damaged, the mechanical seal leaks.

When the mechanical seal is working, the two static and dynamic rings are not dry-rubbed between the sealing surfaces. There must be lubricating fluid. This is the mechanical seal water, which comes from the water inside the pump body itself;

The mechanical seal cooling water, it is the source of water for mechanical seal water, it is used to cool the sealing water;

It comes from a closed water source, is to order a mechanical seal in order to prevent mechanical seal water temperature is too high, have an impact on the service life of the mechanical seal. The principle of their work is this.

2. Sealing of mechanical seals does not necessarily come from the inside of the pump. If the temperature of the pump's working medium is high, there is corrosion or particles, it will cause damage to the mechanical seal. In these cases, the external sealant water is generally used as the mechanical seal water to introduce the seal chamber. ;

3, mechanical seal seal cooling water generally does not flow through the sealing surface but through the seal gland to take away the heat generated in the work of mechanical seals, with open water (industrial water), etc., on the water quality requirements are not high;

4, according to the use of the occasion above the two are not necessarily all set, such as the amount of mechanical seal water can meet the cooling requirements do not have separate cooling water.

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