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Metal bellows mechanical seal applications and features
Nov 21, 2017

Application range

Corrugated mechanical seal wide range of applications, from low temperature to high temperature, from neutral to corrosive media, from low to high speed, from normal to harsh working conditions can be used. All of these can be changed by changing the geometry of the bellows (such as inner and outer diameter, wave plate thickness and wavenumber, etc.) and the elastic modulus of the material to change the rate of bellows. According to the corrosive properties of the media, use different bellows materials. For example, the working medium pressure and temperature are not high neutral medium (oil and water, etc.), the use of rubber bellows seal; In corrosive media (acid or alkali, etc.), PTFE bellows Sealed; high temperature and high speed, can be welded metal bellows mechanical seal.


      The general mechanical seal (push-ring) in the role of the spring is to maintain the friction surface compression and equalization. Metal bellows mechanical seal not only from the spring effect, but also has a sealed structure, so the design does not require moving ring 0-ring, metal bellows mechanical seal compared with ordinary mechanical seal has many advantages, can be summarized as the following.

        1. High precision: The metal bellows acts as a spring, and is a combination of numerous springs. Therefore, it solves the problem of normal spring deformation due to centrifugal force, is suitable for a high degree of rotation, and has a uniform pressure on the sealing surface to prevent leakage.

        2. Vibration resistance and excellent flexibility into the situation: Bellows flexible, because some of the absorption of the vibration effect is very good, so the radial runout, axial clearance, vibration and swing ability to adapt to very high, to prevent Give way.

        3 simple structure: unlike the spring seal by a combination of many parts, simple structure, easy assembly

        4. Adapt to a variety of temperature conditions: metal bellows thermal expansion coefficient, can be used at low or high temperatures. And no 0-ring, get rid of the temperature constraints, design more freedom

        5. Suitable for high pressure: As the bellows itself plays a balancing role, can set the sealing surface area of low fluid pressure, reducing the sealing surface friction. Thus reducing the heat and wear, can be used for high pressure.

        6. Protecting the machine (sleeve is not required): The metal bellows mechanical seal does not have a 0-ring, so there is no wear on the shaft or sleeve due to the 0-ring abrasion. To protect the shaft, you do not need to install the sleeve.

        7. To adapt to corrosive fluids: choose to engage in high corrosion of Hastelloy 276 and other materials to manufacture welded bellows, to avoid the spring and 0 ring corrosion problems, thus achieving the seal.

        8. No hanging: the use of ordinary push-ring mechanical seal, the leakage of a small amount of fluid deposition in the air curing, to prevent the moving ring 0-ring advance. Therefore, the sealing end of the weakening or disappearance of the bonding force, so as to guide vent leakage, on the contrary, metal bellows mechanical seal no 0 ring, even if the cured material will not be affected, can be safely rotated, but also extended life.

        9. Thread pumping effect: Bellows itself has a screw pumping effect, which can effectively correspond to the fluid containing solid particles and to help flush

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