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precautions for installation of centrifugal pump seals
Feb 26, 2018

1, because the pump mechanical seals generally applicable in the clean, no suspended particles of the medium used, therefore, the newly installed piping system and storage fluid irrigation, should be carefully washed clean, to prevent solid ' body impurities into the mechanical seal end of the seal failure.

2, in the crystallization of the medium, the use of mechanical seals should pay attention to frequent flushing. Clean the crystal on the mechanical seal before restarting the car.

3, remove mechanical seals should be careful, do not use hammer, iron and other percussion, so as not to destroy the dynamic, static ring sealing surface.

4, if the dirt can not be removed, should try to remove dirt, rinse clean and then disassemble, so as not to damage the sealing elements.

5, the installation of mechanical seals, should check all the sealing components are invalid or damaged, if there should be repaired or replaced.

6, should strictly check the dynamic ring and static ring relative friction seal surface, do not allow any subtle scratches, bumps and other defects. All other parts, including pump body, impeller, sealing cavity and so on before assembling should flush clean, especially dynamic, static ring end, to use clean, soft cloth or cotton yarn carefully wipe clean, and then coated with a layer of clean grease or oil.

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