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Side stirrer mechanical seal structure and mixer mechanical seal profile
Nov 21, 2017

Widely used in petrochemical, paper, food, electricity, metallurgy, environment and other industries, side-entry mixers are widely used in some petrochemical industries due to their relatively small diameter of impeller, special mounting position and small stirring power. In addition, as the environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, sulfur dioxide emissions are strictly controlled, leading to the rapid development of thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment construction, side-entry mixer because of its many features in the thermal power plant desulfurization can be widely used. However, flue gas desulfurization contains a lot of chloride ions and gypsum slurry, the requirements for mechanical seals are getting higher and higher.

In view of the actual conditions and conditions of the sealing system, Shelange targeted and designed and improved the sealed overall and auxiliary systems and reached consensus and the user responded well.

Side mixer seal structure Features:

Single-end cartridge balanced mechanical seal.

External spring is not in contact with the media, which can effectively prevent the medium on the spring clogging, corrosion and wear.

Bearing and machine seal separately set separately, to further reduce customer costs.

Manufactured by the professional factory technicians assembled and do air tightness test.

Site installation is simple, reliable performance.

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