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Some misunderstandings in maintenance of pump mechanical seals
Jun 07, 2018

Some misunderstandings in maintenance of pump mechanical seals

1. The greater the amount of spring compression, the better the sealing effect. Actually, excessive spring compression can lead to rapid wear of the friction pair and instant burnout. Excessive compression causes the spring to lose its ability to adjust the end face of the moving ring, resulting in failure of the seal.

2. The tighter the dynamic ring seal, the better. In fact, the dynamic ring seal is too harmful and unhelpful. One is to intensify the wear between the seal ring and the sleeve and cause premature leakage; the other is to increase the axial adjustment of the moving ring and the resistance of the movement. When the operating conditions change frequently, it cannot be timely adjusted; third, the spring is fatigued and easily damaged; The deformation of the dynamic ring seal affects the sealing effect.

3. The tighter the ring seal, the better. The static ring seal is basically in a stationary state, and the relatively tight seal effect is better, but too tight is also harmful. The first is caused by excessive deformation of the static ring seal, affecting the sealing effect; Second, the static ring material is mostly graphite, generally more brittle, excessive stress can easily cause fragmentation; Third, installation, removal difficult, very easy to damage the static ring.

4. The tighter the impeller locks, the better. Leakage between shaft sleeves and shaft (leakage between shafts) is common in mechanical seal leakage. It is generally believed that the leakage between shafts means that the impeller lock is not locked. In fact, there are many factors that lead to leakage between shafts. For example, the inter-axis mat fails, the shaft is misaligned, and the shaft has impurities in the shaft. Bit error, failure of the contact surface, gaps between the parts on the shaft, and excessive shaft thread length can cause shaft to leak. Locking the female lock excessively will only lead to premature failure of the inter-shaft pad. On the contrary, it will lock the lock mother properly so that the inter-axial pad always maintains a certain compression elasticity. In operation, the female lock locks automatically and timely so that the shaft is always in good condition. The sealed state.

5. The new one is better than the old one. Relatively speaking, the use of new mechanical seals is better than the old ones, but the quality or material selection of new mechanical seals is not appropriate, and the larger size error will affect the sealing effect; in polymeric and osmotic media, static rings are Excessive wear, or not replaced as well.

Because the stationary ring is in a stationary state for a long time in the stationary ring seat, the polymer and the impurities are deposited as a whole, which plays a good sealing role.

6. Renovation is better than not dismantling. Once the mechanical seal leaks, it will be eager to repair, in fact, sometimes the seal is not damaged, just adjust the working conditions or adjust the seal properly to eliminate the leak. This will not only avoid waste but will also allow you to verify your own fault diagnosis capabilities, accumulate maintenance experience and improve the quality of maintenance.

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