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Standard for selection of mechanical seals and application requirements
Mar 06, 2018

Mechanical seals belong to high-precision mechanical equipment, he has strict requirements for the use and selection, then you know how to choose mechanical seals? How much do you know about his use? If you do not know, it does not matter, we will explain the following.

1, mechanical seals on the machine precision requirements (to pump mechanical seals as an example)

(1) The maximum runout tolerance of shaft or sleeve shall not exceed 0.04~0.06mm.

(2) The axial movement of the rotor does not exceed 0.3mm.

(3) The positioning end of the sealing cavity combined with its end cover, the same maximum runout tolerance on the shaft or sleeve surface shall not exceed 0.04~0.06mm.

2. Confirmation of sealing parts

(1) Confirm that the installed seal is the same as the required model.

(2) Before installation should be carefully compared with the final assembly diagram, the number of parts is complete.

(3) The mechanical seal which rotates the spring of the ring, because the spring has the left and right rotation, so it is necessary to choose the rotation direction of the rotating shaft.

1. Determine whether the seal structure is balanced or unbalanced, single end face also double end face, etc., can be based on the pressure of its sealed chamber type selection.

2. Determine whether the use of rotary or static, hydrodynamic pressure or non-contact type, according to the speed of its selection.

3. To determine the friction and auxiliary sealing materials, so that the correct choice of lubrication, flushing, insulation, cooling and other mechanical seal cycle protection system, according to its temperature and fluid properties.

4. To determine the use of multiple springs or single spring or wave spring, internal or external, according to the effective installation of sealed space.


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