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Type of mixer
Nov 21, 2017

1. In accordance with the process conditions, the purpose and requirements of mixing, select the type of mixer, stirrer type selection should fully grasp the dynamic characteristics of the mixer and stirrer in the mixing process flow conditions and the causal relationship between the purpose of various mixing.

2. According to the determined mixer type and mixer flow conditions in the mixing process, the process of mixing time, settling velocity, dispersion control requirements, through experimental means and computer simulation design to determine the motor power, stirring Speed, mixer diameter.

3. In accordance with the motor power, mixing speed and process conditions, select from the reducer selection table to determine the reducer models. If you choose according to the actual working torque reducer, the actual working torque should be less than the reducer allowable torque.

4. In accordance with the reducer output shaft head d and stirrer shaft support the same type of choice and d rack, coupling

5. According to the rack stirring shaft do size, installation space and working pressure, working temperature choose shaft seal type

6. According to the installation form and structure requirements, choose the design of mixing shaft structure, and check the strength, stiffness.

If designed according to the rigid shaft, to meet the strength conditions n / nk ≤ 0.7

For example, according to the flexible shaft design, n / nk> = 1.3 under the conditions of strength

7. According to the nominal frame size DN, shaft type and stirring shaft pressure rating, choose to install the bottom cover, flange base or flange flange

8. Determine if the Auxiliary Support is configured according to the supporting and anti-vibration conditions.

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