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What are the common knowledge of corrosion protection for mechanical seals?
Jul 06, 2018

Metal ring corrosion

     1, the appearance of uniform corrosion. If the outer surface of the metal ring touches the corrosive medium, and the metal itself is not resistant to corrosion, the surface corrosion will occur, and the phenomenon is leakage, early wear, damage, sound, and the like. The metal surface is uniformly corroded in both film-forming and film-free shapes. The metal-free corrosion of the film is a risk, called stress corrosion cracking. The surfacing hard alloy and the sealing ring such as cast iron, tungsten carbide and titanium carbide are used to present the stress corrosion. break. The corrosion process proceeds at a certain speed, causing the galvanic corrosion to increase.


     2, stress corrosion breaks. The mechanical seal of the metal under the effect of corrosion and tensile stress, wear resistance. Corrosion filling the F4 ring mainly refers to the selective corrosion, dissolution or enthalpy damage of the filling. For example, in hydrofluoric acid, the glass fiber molecules are thermally corroded, and these cracks communicate the entire sealing end face, which accelerates the wear of the end face and adds the amount of leakage.

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