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What are the functional requirements of mechanical seal sealing data?
Jun 05, 2018

What are the functional requirements of mechanical seal sealing data?

The function of the mechanical seal sealing data is to ensure that important seals are important. The selection of sealing data is mainly based on the operating environment of the sealing element, such as the operating temperature, operating pressure, the operating medium used, and the method of movement. The basic requirements for mechanical seal data are as follows:

1. Mechanical seal data has certain mechanical functions, such as tensile strength, elongation, etc.;

2, the mechanical seal data elasticity and hardness, contraction and permanent deformation;

3, mechanical data with high temperature and low temperature function, high temperature decomposition, softening, no hardening at low temperatures;

4. The mechanical seal data is compatible with the working medium and does not swell, decompose, harden, etc.;

5, mechanical seal information, good resistance to oxygen and aging, durable;

6, mechanical seal data wear-resistant, non-corrosive metal;

7, mechanical seal data easy to form processing, low price;

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