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What are the methods of mechanical seals installation
Jul 27, 2018

Mechanical seal device is mainly with the mechanical seal type, mechanical differences between the varieties of differences, but the installation methods are basically the same, the installation of the pace and attention to the following matters: 1. 

The device size is definite, in the installment, should according to the product the use prescription or the sample, guarantees the mechanical seal the installment size. 

2. Before loading, shaft (sleeve), gland should be no burr, bearing condition is superior, seals, gland, shaft, sealing cavity should be clean and clean. And in order to reduce friction resistance, the shaft device mechanical seal on the part of a thin coating of oil, in order to smooth, thinking of the rubber O-ring phase solubility, if not suitable for oil, can be coated soap water.

Floating-type static ring without the construction of anti-resale, not suitable for oil, should be dry-loaded gland. 

3. First the static ring and the gland mounted on the shaft, pay attention not to collide with the shaft, and then load the moving ring assembly. 

The tightening screws of the spring seat or the transmission seat should be evenly tightened in a few times. Note that before the gland is not fixed, with the hand-push compensation ring for axial tightening, after the release of the compensation ring can be active rebound without the card-lag scene, and then the gland bolt is evenly locked.

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