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what are the requirements for sealing rings for mechanical seals
Mar 02, 2018

The seal ring is the general name (hereinafter) of the dynamic ring and static ring, which is the most important component of the mechanical seal. The sealing ring determines the performance and life of mechanical seals to a great extent, so it puts forward some requirements.

Have enough strength and stiffness

Under working conditions (such as pressure, temperature and sliding speed, etc.) do not damage, deformation should be as small as possible, the operating conditions fluctuate can still remain airtight.

Adequate hardness and corrosion resistance of the sealing face

To ensure satisfactory service life under working conditions.

The sealing ring should have good heat impact ability

For this reason, the material is required to have a higher thermal conductivity and a smaller linear expansion coefficient, which can withstand thermal shock without cracking.

Should have a smaller coefficient of friction and good self-lubricating

SEAL RING Matching should have a small friction coefficient and good self-lubricating, sealing ring materials and sealing fluid also have good infiltration. In the work, if there is a short time of dry friction, do not damage the sealing end face.

Should strive for simple symmetry and give priority to the use of the overall structure

can also adopt modular (such as inlaid type) seal ring, as far as possible to avoid the use of sealed end-spraying structure.

SEALING ring to be easy to manufacture

Easy installation and maintenance, low price

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