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What are the service life of mechanical seals?
May 22, 2018

What are the service life of mechanical seals?

Mechanical seals, also known as face seals, have many advantages over packing seals, such as power savings, reliable seals, etc., so mechanical seals should be used wherever possible. However, some mechanical seals do not have a long service life, and disassembly is much more troublesome than packing seals. When this happens, it not only shows no advantages, but it also becomes a disadvantage. Therefore, extending the service life is one of the key issues in promoting mechanical seals. There are many factors affecting the service life of mechanical seals, of which the important one is the material of the static rings. Under the same conditions, the static rings of different materials have different service life. At present, the static rings used in general mechanical seals are impregnated with resin graphite. If they are replaced by impregnated graphite, the service life will be much longer. The seal material should meet the requirements of the sealing function. Due to the different media being sealed and the different working conditions of the equipment, different adaptability of the sealing material is required.

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