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What are the types and uses of mechanical seals?
Jun 13, 2018

What are the types and uses of mechanical seals?

Mechanical seals are mainly classified according to the different configurations of friction pairs, springs and other parts, the specific pressure of medium pump mechanical seals on the section, and the direction of medium leakage.

1. Built-in type and exterior type: The spring is placed inside the mechanical seal of the working medium and is called a built-in type, placed inside the working medium. General mechanical seal factory does not use exterior type, only selected in the following few special circumstances: medium corrosive, spring material can not be resistant to corrosion; medium easy to crystallize, affect spring performance; medium viscous, so that the spring can not work.

2. Balance and non-equilibrium When the medium pressure is greater than or equal to 678.4kPa, the balance type is required.

3, single spring and multi-spring single spring installation is simple, but the uneven pressure distribution of the spring, the axial size is large, the liquid crystal, dirt, corrosion and other effects on the spring is relatively small, suitable for light load, shaft diameter is not When it is too big, others should use multiple springs, and no longer go into details;

4, rotary and static type Most centrifugal pumps use this type, because the structure is simple, but it needs to use a static type at high speed;

5. Inflow type and outflow type The working medium leaks in the radial direction from the outer circumference of the sealing surface and is called inflow type, and vice versa is the inflow type. The direction of internal flow leakage is opposite to that of centrifugal force, and the centrifugal force acts as a hindrance to leakage. Therefore, the leakage is small, which is a common type of most centrifugal pumps. For media containing solid particles, internal flow should be used to prevent solid particles from entering the friction surface.

6. Single-end and double-end surfaces Double-end surfaces are two pairs of friction pairs in the seal.

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