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What is the knowledge and application of mechanical seal selection?
May 30, 2018

First, the selection method

Mechanical seal according to the working conditions and mechanical seal medium mechanical quality is not the same, there are high temperature, low temperature mechanical seal, high pressure, corrosion resistant mechanical seal, resistant to granular media mechanical seal and habits of easily vaporized light hydrocarbon medium machinery Sealing, etc. should be based on different uses

Type and data mechanical seal.

The main parameters of the selection are: sealed chamber pressure (MPA), fluid temperature (°C), working speed (M/S), characteristics of the fluid, and useful space for the device seal.

The basic principles of selection are:

1. According to the pressure of the sealed chamber, it is concluded that the seal structure is balanced or unbalanced, single-end or double-end.

2. According to the operating speed, it is determined that the rotary or stop type, fluid dynamic pressure type or non-touch type is selected.

3. Based on the temperature and fluid properties, determine the secondary and auxiliary seal data, as well as the accurate selection of smooth, flushing, insulation, cooling, and other mechanical seal maintenance system.

4. Depending on the useful space of the device's seal, it is determined that multiple springs or single springs or wave springs, built-in or exterior mounted, will be used.

Second, mechanical seal device and application request

1, the mechanical seal of the machine precision request (in pump mechanical seal as an example)

(1) The radial runout of the shaft (or sleeve) of the mechanical seal of the device shall not exceed 0.04 to 0.06 MM.

(2) The rotor axial turbulence does not exceed 0.3 MM.

(3) The positioning end of the seal cavity and the seal end cover facing the shaft (or shaft sleeve) is not more than 0.04 to 0.06MM in terms of beating public service.

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