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Single Spring Pump Seal M3N

Single Spring Pump Seal M3N

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Single spring pump seal M3N

Single seal/Unbalanecd/Conical spring/Dependent on direction of rotation/To EN12756

Application: Commonly used in various oil, water, chemical pumps.

Mechanical seal installation precautions:

The radial runout of the sealed main shaft should be ≤ 0.04mm (0.06mm) and the axial turbulence ≤ 0.3mm, and the corresponding parts of the shaft and the stationary ring seat should be machined as shown in the figure.

All parts of the sealed chamber, shaft, and mechanical seal shall be cleaned without contamination, bumps, scratches, and impurities, dust, and particulate matter shall be prevented from entering the sealed chamber.

It is forbidden to collide and beat wildly during installation. The surface of the friction pair should be absolutely clean.

The static ring gland must have sufficient strength. Tighten the screws evenly during installation to ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the axis.

After installation, lightly press the ring, and it should be flexible and flexible; manually turn the car, it should be able to run freely.

Conduct a static pressure test to see if there is a leak.

start the trial run, pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound.

8. The sealed pipeline must be kept open; dry friction is strictly prohibited.

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