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Water Pump Seal

Water Pump Seal

Rubber bellows mechanical seal mg1

Water pump seal MG1

The most commonly used mechanical seal mg1 series.

Highly recommended for duties with media containing solids waste water and sewage applications.

Specification: 10~110mm

Pressure: ≤1.2Mpa

Temperature: -20℃~120℃

Linear speed: ≤10m/s

Axial movement: ±0.5mm

Sealing face: Graphite(carbon),Silicon carbide(sic),Tungsten carbide(TC),Aluminum oxide

Secondary sealing: NBR,VITON,EPDM

Metal component: SS304,SS316

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Mechanical seal installation conditions

Mechanical seal installation, practical technical essentials

1. The surface contacted with the seal should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil during installation so that it can be installed smoothly;

2. The sealing cavity of the equipment should be kept clean during installation, and the sealing parts should be cleaned to keep the sealed end face intact and prevent impurities and dust from being carried into the sealed part;

3. It is forbidden to knock and hit in the installation process, so as to avoid damage to the mechanical seal and cause seal failure;

4. The radial runout of the equipment shaft shall be ≤ 0.04mm, and the amount of axial turbulence shall not be greater than 0.1mm;

5. When installing a static ring gland, tighten the screws must be evenly applied to ensure that the end of the static ring is perpendicular to the axis;

6. After the installation, push the moving ring by hand, which can make the moving ring move flexibly on the shaft and have certain flexibility;

7. After installation, the rotating shaft and the rotating shaft should be moved with hands;

8. The equipment must be filled with media before operation to prevent dry friction and seal failure;

9. For easy crystallization, granular media, when the temperature of the medium is >80°C, appropriate measures should be taken for flushing, filtering and cooling. For various auxiliary devices, please refer to the relevant labels for mechanical seals;

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