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Analysis Of Four Stages Of Application Of Chinese Construction Mechanical Seal Technology
Feb 28, 2018

China's construction mechanical seal technology development has gone through more than 50 years of history, from the beginning of the difficult start to today's rapid development, China's construction mechanical sealing technology for the development of China's construction machinery industry has made an important contribution. The development process of engineering mechanical seal technology with rubber and plastic seals can be divided into four stages. Mechanical Seals

1. Initial stage (1960-1970)

During this period, the working pressure of the hydraulic system of Chinese construction machinery products is roughly 12-14mpa. Seals used in the sealing system are: 0-shaped rubber seal ring (NBR), iron shell a leather rotary oil seal, corrugated steel skin 10 cork 10 metal spring end face seal; asbestos packing; asbestos ten rubber gasket; V-Shaped seal ring (cowhide ten bakelite); V-Shaped seal ring (NBR 10 clip fabric): Soft will belong to sealing gasket and so on.

2. Entrepreneurial phase (1971-1980)

During this period, the hydraulic pressure system of the main products of Chinese construction machinery was 14-3.5mpa. The seals used in the sealing system are mainly rubber-plastic seals, which eliminates the end-face seals of cowhide, asbestos fiber and corrugated steel skin 10 cork. The main type D is: 0-type sealing ring (NBR, FKM), track d chassis with floating oil seal (metal ring dry 0);D inside the skeleton rotary oil seal chuan BR, FKM, ZACM). Hydraulic and pneumatic reciprocatingmotion seals D has 0-form seals (NBR, FKM); U-shaped dense D-ring (NBR, AU, BU): V-shaped seal ring (NBR 10 clip fabric), cup-shaped sealing ring (NBR 10-clip fabric), etc. Mechanical Seals

In these 10 years, in order to adapt to such as construction machinery, forging machinery, such as the use of medium and high pressure hydraulic technology development needs, by the original machinery Department has formed 7 Professional rubber and plastic seals production plant. In addition, in order to promote the development of China's sealing technology, in 1975 and 1979, the formation of the "National Hydraulic and pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee" and "National hydraulic and pneumatic standardization Technical committee rubber and Plastic sealing standardization sub-Technical Committee" (corresponding to the old ISO/TCI3/SC7) and the Friction Institute fluid Seal Technical Committee.

3. Consolidation and development phase (1981-1990)

Domestic construction Machinery main products of the hydraulic system work pressure to reach the 16-40mpa, the seal system used in the form of seals are still rubber and plastic sealing products. The main types are: O-shaped seal ring (NBR, FKM); track chassis with floating oil seal (O-shape 10 metal ring), lubrication seal Crawler seal Assembly (Nbr+au): internal skeleton and external skeleton rotary oil raw 10 (NBR, FKM, ACM, EPDM), Combined sealing gasket (nbr+ metal); Hydraulic CYLINDER piston and piston rod moving tight. Seal Coaxial Seal Assembly (PTFE+NBR), rotary shaft with dynamic hydraulic backflow oil Seal (NBR, FKM, ACM), as well as 13MPa pressure-resistant rotating oil seals (NBR, FKM), two-way media rotary oil seals (NBR, FKM), Liquid O-cylinder piston with supporting ring double acting reciprocating D dynamic sealing assembly (NBR+PTFE+POM) and so on.

4. High-speed development phase (after 1991)

Construction machinery and other medium and high pressure hydraulic industry has introduced a large number of product manufacturing technology, to promote the seal of foreign businesses to enter the Chinese market for sealing parts of the pace. The entry of foreign capital and technology has improved the overall level of China's sealing industry. Mechanical Seals

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