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Analyze The Cause Of Seal Failure Of Engineering Machinery Seals
Jul 06, 2018

Analyze the cause of seal failure of engineering machinery seals

Leak when the device is silently tested

After the construction machinery seal device is debugged, it is usually necessary to conduct a static test to investigate the amount of leakage. If the amount of leakage is small, there are doubts about the moving ring or static ring seal; when the amount of leakage is large, it indicates that there is a doubt between the conflict between the moving and stationary rings. On the basis of investigating the amount of leakage and discriminating the leaking parts, and then manually checking the vehicle, if there is no significant change in the amount of leakage, the static and dynamic ring seals are in doubt; if there is a significant change in the amount of leakage during the car, it can be determined that it is moving, There is doubt about the static ring conflict; if the leakage medium is ejected along the axial direction, there are many doubts about the moving ring seal. If the leakage medium erupts nearby or leaks from the water cooling hole, the static ring seal is mostly invalid. In addition, the leakage channels can also exist together, but usually there are primary and secondary differences, only need to investigate the details, understand the layout, and certainly be able to correctly discriminate.

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