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Common Mechanical Seal Cooling
Nov 21, 2017

Mechanical seal due to the friction of the end face will produce a lot of friction heat, so that the friction ring temperature increases. At the same time, if the temperature of the sealing medium itself is higher, it will always operate the friction end face at a very high temperature, in which case, if no flushing measures are taken,

        (1) dry friction between the end surface of the liquid film evaporation;

        (2) Auxiliary seals made of rubber and plastic materials will age, crack and even failure;

        (3) to accelerate the corrosion of mechanical seal parts sealing media;

        (4) dynamic and static ring deformation;

        (5) End wear increased;

        (6) end leakage serious.

        Seen in this light, the mechanical seal with flushing oil and cooling water is to reduce the friction temperature, to ensure a complete layer of friction between the liquid film to reduce friction loss and reduce power consumption to ensure that the liquid film is not due to high temperature vaporization destroyed.