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Common Seal Basic Knowledge And Seal Working Principle
Mar 21, 2018

Common seal basic knowledge and seal working principle

Hydraulic and pneumatic seal works:

First, to achieve "self-sealing" effect principle:

The pressure type seal in the contact dynamic seal is the contact pressure formed between the seal and the coupling surface through the compressive force generated by the pre-compression force and the medium pressure. The higher the medium pressure, the greater the contact pressure, so that the seal The pieces fit tightly with the coupling to block the leak path and achieve a "self-sealing" effect.
Self-sealing self-tightening seals, which use the self-sealing self-deformation, also increase the back pressure with the increase of the medium pressure, so as to achieve the "self-sealing" effect.

Second, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing work media:
In addition to the gap seal, the seal is a positive and negative seal and the gap is controlled under the minimum clearance through which the working medium can pass. The minimum clearance depends on the qualitative change of factors such as pressure, viscosity, and molecular weight of the working medium.

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