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Commonly Used Seal Material Classification And Characteristics?
Mar 20, 2018

Commonly used seal material classification and characteristics?

Stainless steel seal seal

Commonly used sealing materials are divided into the following four categories:
(1) Fiber and elastoplastic sealing material: Asbestos, leather, rubber, PTFE plastics, etc. It is the main sealing material for sealing products such as gaskets, soft packings, molding packings, and oil seals. Under the action of lower sealing force, large elasto-plastic deformation can be obtained, which has a stronger effect on sealing and preventing leakage.

(2) Anti-friction and anti-wear material sealing materials: Carbon materials, bearing alloys, hard alloys, surfacing alloys, engineering ceramics, and spray materials. It has good heat resistance, cold resistance and high thermal conductivity. It is a friction pairing material for the manufacture of mechanical seals, piston rings and seals.

(3) Metal and non-metal sealing materials: non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, hard alloys, precious metals, etc. It is used to make other parts in sealing products except friction pair.

(4) Grease and solid lubricant sealants: used for sealing lubrication systems and as impregnants and additives for soft fillers.