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Difference Between Double-sided Mechanical Seal And Single-sided Mechanical Seal
Nov 21, 2017

A pair of seal faces consisting of a single face seal consisting of two pairs of seal faces is a double face seal. Single-end seal structure is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to install, usually in the medium itself, good lubricity and allow micro-leak conditions, is commonly used seal type, when the medium is toxic, flammable, explosive and leakage of strict requirements, not use.

Double-ended seals are available in axial double-face seals and radial double-face seals. The radially arranged double-ended seal structure is more compact than the axial double-ended seal. Double seal for the media itself is poor lubricity, toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile, containing abrasive and gas.

Axial double seal face to face or back-to-back arrangement of the structure, the work needs to be introduced between the two pairs of end face higher than the media pressure 0.05 ~ 0.15MPa sealing liquid to improve the lubrication and cooling conditions between the end and the media with the outside world, It is possible to achieve zero leakage of media.