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Expert Analysis: China's Demand For Hydraulic Machinery And Seals
Mar 08, 2018

According to expert analysis, China's agriculture, Water Conservancy, energy, transportation and other industries to develop faster, to this end, a large number of mechanical equipment to meet the needs of its development. With the improvement of industrialization and automation level, these equipments need to support a large number of high-performance and high reliability hydraulic pneumatic and sealing components. Preliminary estimates, the 2010 domestic hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed the total demand for products, will be increased from 2005 to about 35 billion RMB of 20 billion RMB. Among them, hydraulic products from more than 10 billion RMB to 20 billion RMB, hydraulic products from more than 1 billion to more than 2 billion RMB, pneumatic products from nearly 3 billion RMB to more than 5 billion RMB, sealed products from more than 3 billion RMB to 7 billion RMB.

One of the engineering machinery is the largest user of hydraulic products, accounting for 42.3 of the industry sales, the proportion will be expanded in the future. It is expected that by 2010 hydraulic excavator demand of about 60,000 ~8 million, loader about 100,000 ~12 million units, graders about 2000 units, about 15,000 rollers, engineering cranes about 20,000 units, forklift about 80,000 units. In addition, China now has construction machinery about 1.4 million units, is expected to reach 2 million units by 2010.

Another note, each year for domestic enterprises to produce excavators, road machinery, cement mixers and other ancillary imports of hydraulic parts, about 150 million U.S. dollars. In short, for construction machinery supporting, maintenance of hydraulic and sealing parts of the market will face a new era of great development.


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