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General Assembly Process Of Seals
Mar 16, 2018

General assembly process of seals

General assembly process of seals

    1. All kinds of seals such as felt seals, felt pads, asbestos ropes, and leather cups must be saturated with oil before assembly. The copper gasket was annealed (heated to 600-650°C and cooled in water).

   2, all kinds of oil seals and seals must first check the assembly before the damage, the assembly should be in the seal lip seal, seal surface and shaft coated with grease (fat). In principle, seal oil should be applied.

   3. When assembling the oil seal and the seal ring, if the key slot, screw hole or step is used, special installation tools should be used for protection measures to assemble to prevent damage to the oil seal and seal ring.

    4. The assembly direction of the oil seal should be such that the working pressure of the medium presses the sealing lip tightly on the shaft and must not be reversed. If the oil seal is used for dust prevention, the lip is turned away from the bearing.

    5. If the shaft end has a keyway, screw hole, step, etc., in order to prevent damage to the oil seal or the seal ring, an assembly guide sleeve may be used for assembly.

    6. When assembling the face seals, the dynamic and static seal rings must have a certain degree of floatability. However, there must be no continuous relative rotation between the dynamic seal ring, static seal ring and matching parts to prevent leakage from occurring.

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