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How Are Various Mechanical Seal Forms Of Slurry Pump
May 16, 2018

How are various mechanical seal forms of slurry pump

First, the packing seal is the most common type of seal. It is used to inject water into the shaft seal and continuously inject some pressure water into the packing to prevent the pump body from discharging in vitro. For multi-stage series that is not suitable for the use of an impeller seal The pump uses a packing shaft seal. Filler shaft seals are simple in structure, easy to maintain and inexpensive.

Followed by the impeller seal, it is through a centrifugal force of a reverse centrifugal force to prevent leakage of the slurry. In the case that the positive pressure at the pump inlet is not more than 10% of the pressure at the outlet of the pump, the first-stage pump or the first-stage pump of the multi-stage tandem pump may adopt an impeller-filled shaft seal, and the impeller shaft seal may have no shaft-sealing water and may not be diluted. Body, good sealing effect. Therefore, in the case where dilution is not allowed in the slurry, such a seal can be considered.

Again, mechanical seals are generally used where sealing requirements are high. In particular, some chemical and food industries require not only sealing, but most importantly they are not allowed to add extra components into the pump body. The disadvantages are high costs and difficult maintenance.

In short, the specific choice of which type of seal depends on the specific customer's mining conditions. The three types of seals themselves are good and bad, and need to look at the specific situation of the customer.

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