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How High Temperature Can A True High Temperature Mechanical Seal Withstand?
Mar 29, 2018

How high temperature can a true high temperature mechanical seal withstand?

What is a true high-temperature mechanical seal? For rubber seals, mechanical seals tell you that they are limited to use in low-medium temperatures below 125°C, but there are some exceptions (such as silicone rubber and fluoro-rubber seal materials Achieve 250 °C).

However, in specific applications, the performance range of a standard seal structure can be increased by either cooling the sealed liquid, holding it at a suitable operating temperature, or cooling the gland or seal to keep the portion acceptable The measure. Particularly suitable for mechanical seal seals, wherein the seal structure is often allowed to use or replace the mechanical seal material, in order to achieve further mention of the working temperature range of mechanical seals, this is called high temperature mechanical seals.

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