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How Many Kinds Of Mechanical Seal Materials Are There?
May 22, 2018

How many kinds of mechanical seal materials are there?

The requirements for sealing materials are generally:

     1) The material is dense and it is not easy to leak the medium;

     2) Have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;

     3) Good compressibility and resilience, less permanent deformation;

     4) Does not soften at high temperatures, does not decompose, does not harden at low temperatures, does not embrittlement;

     5) Good anti-corrosion performance, long-term work in acids, alkalis, oils and other mediums, small changes in volume and hardness, and no adhesion to metal surfaces;

     6) Small friction coefficient and good wear resistance;

     7) Has the flexibility combined with the sealing surface;

     8) Good aging resistance and durability;

     9) Convenient processing and manufacturing, cheap price, easy to draw.

     Rubber is the most commonly used sealing material. In addition to rubber, suitable for sealing materials are graphite, PTFE and various sealants.

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