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How To Determine The Mechanical Seal Spring Compression?
Nov 21, 2017

Mechanical seal spring compression measurement is measured directly with a caliper, first measure the amount of spring retraction in free state, and then measure the amount of machine seal installed in place, and then a reduction is the amount of compression.

Cartridge seals do not have to set the amount of compression, because the seal has been set a good time, non-cartridge seals to be measured according to the type of pump.

Single spring mechanical seal compression of 50% -70%, about 3 ~ 5mm after the seal is crushed open, the amount of compression of the multi-spring (disc spring) is about 90%, that is, let the mechanical seal die after the release of 1.5 ~ 3.5mm can be. Also consider the width of the sealing surface, the strength of the spring, depending on the state of stress at work.

The amount of spring compression is adjusted to meet the spring pressure rather than the amount of compression, regardless of whether it is a single spring or multiple springs. Normally, the pump mechanical seal spring pressure is generally controlled at 1.3 ~ 2..8kgf / cm2 or so. Depending on the actual value of the best working conditions, friction pair matching material, ring compensation ring structure and structure to be compatible with the value of K and so on.