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How To Emergencyly Transform Mechanical Seals?
May 14, 2018

How to change mechanical seals in the face of emergencies? The cause was caused by the damage of the mechanical seal of the circulating oil pump used and the occurrence of oil leakage. The press was forced to shut down due to pressure drop, resulting in the suspension of the molding and glazing production lines associated with this press. After dismantling the mechanical seal assembly, it was found that the stationary ring broke and the moving ring was worn out. In the face of this kind of situational processing, here we mainly share a processing idea. We can try it out on the actual implementation.

(1) Spare parts warehouse Without this inventory, Sitipoint Shanghai Service Center does not have this inventory, but promises to arrive within 5 days.

(2) Contact with Shanghai's mechanical and electrical parts market at that time. It was also impossible to buy a sealed assembly of exactly the same size and size.

(3) Grasp the mapping of mechanical seal components and prepare for external processing.

In the process of mapping, it was found that the design of the static ring is flawed. Because the diameter of the stationary ring cavity is 42.45m and the wall thickness at the O-ring seal ring is only 2mm, the stationary ring is easily injured.

The result of the survey of the seal assembly is judged: since it is not our standard diameter series, the assembly should be of imperial size. For us, they belong to non-standard parts.

(4) Edge mapping, edge design materials, machining accuracy, shape and position tolerance and cooperation are as follows:

For the moving ring: The removed moving ring is made of white alumina material, and the wall thickness of the set of type 0 seal ring is about 5mm. Taking into account that if according to the alumina material as the configuration and processing, at least 7-10 days duration. The production line cannot be stopped for such a long time. For this reason, it was decided to change the material to impregnated graphite so that it can be put into use within two days. Even if the impregnated graphite does not work well, as long as it can persist in production for a few days and strive for buffer time, it is not too late to use white alumina material to make the moving ring. Therefore, at the same time one-time simultaneous commissioning of external processing of three moving rings.

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