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How To Repair The Reactor With Mechanical Seals?
May 25, 2018

How to repair the reactor with mechanical seals?

No matter what accessories are used for a long time, there are old phenomena. Then, if the mechanical seals used in our reactors are damaged, how can we perform maintenance? After the reactor is repaired with mechanical seals, is it still the same as before?

General seals contain solids and liquids. Solids are like bolts and gaskets. Liquids are like seals. I have used a mechanical seal with a red oil seal to coat the exterior. Sealed glaze, no matter what the structure of the reactor, but the seal is nothing more than sealing oil and prevent outside dust from entering, if the seal is done well pump mechanical seal, not to mention the latter. One of the solid oil seals is an oil seal made of special paper information, cut into the shape you want, and then apply the liquid oil seal we mentioned above, and quickly put the two appearances together, surely stick a little, and then screw on the nut. . If you use an end cap or the like, it must be at the end of the shaft to prevent the shaft from passing through the center of the end cap, and the sealing effect will be greatly reduced.

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