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How To Replace The Mechanical Seal?
May 18, 2018

Mechanical seals are very important for chemical pumps, hot water pipeline pumps, and oil pumps. Mechanical seals allow the pump to run without leakage, greatly improving the working environment of the pump manager and extending the service life of the pump.


The following is a detailed explanation of the mechanical seal assembly process:


(1) Be prepared to place the worktable (ground) of the pump parts and dismantle things, and do not use the mechanical seal randomly to avoid damaging the parts of the pump.

(2) Before the demolition, recognize that the motor is under maintenance; unscrew the mechanical seal refueling plug and use a suction tube to suck out the smooth oil in the seal housing.

(3) Remove the split coupling: First loosen the fixed hexagon socket screw of the coupling, and then gradually pull down half of the coupling from the shaft (be careful not to fall). Use a spanner wrench to unscrew the pump shaft suspension bolts and stoppers, so that the impeller gradually sinks to the pump body, remove the other half of the coupling, and take off the pump shaft retaining ring.

(4) Remove the seal seat: Unscrew the seal seat compression nut, remove the seal seat (note: do not break the seat rubber seal) and clean.

(5) Disassemble and clean the bearing seat: Loosen the bearing seat first and then lift the bearing seat with the disassembled bolt and lift it along the pump shaft to remove it; clean the bearing and seat with jet fuel and dry it before loading. And painted a small amount of mechanical oil smooth maintenance.

(6) Disassemble the mechanical seal: grasp the seal spring and lift it up along the pump shaft to disassemble it.

(7)Mechanical seal installation: Apply a layer of clean 20# smooth oil on the surface of the moving and static ring mirror; apply smooth oil on the guide bearing seat; firstly, position the static ring into the guide bearing seat; then wipe it on the pump shaft. On the smooth oil, the ring part of the mechanical seal is quietly mounted on the pump shaft, and the seal ring should be able to flex freely by hand (note that the anti-rotation part of the moving and static ring part needs to be installed in place).

(8) Install the seal seat: Put the rubber seal on the seal seat first, then put the seal seat into the pump cover and press it on the bearing seat and tighten the nut.

(9) Install the coupling: first install the retaining ring on the shaft of the motor, install the half coupling, install the stopper on the shaft end of the pump and the coupling groove, and tighten the bolt with the wrench (lift the shaft 3 ~5 mm and supply the mechanical seal prestress; refit the other half of the coupling and tighten the Allen screw must be tightened. The correct viewing requirements of the device coupling: Evenly the gaps between the upper and lower parts of the split coupling are fine;

(10) Press to make the key test run to see if the mechanical seal is replaced and the pump set is working properly.

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