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Installation Requirements And Precautions For Pump Mechanical Seals And Installation And Use Techniques
Mar 13, 2018

Installation requirements and precautions for pump mechanical seals and installation and use techniques

  • the working length of the installation of mechanical seals determined by the assembly diagram, the amount of compression of the spring depends on the positioning of the spring seat on the shaft size. First, fix the relative position of the shaft and the seal chamber housing (based on the end surface of the housing perpendicular to the shaft) and mark it. Then, calculate the position and position of the spring seat. If the installation position is not proper and the spring pressure is too large or too small, it can easily cause early wear, burns or leakage of the mechanical seal.

  • Apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the surface of the shaft to install the mechanical seal to reduce frictional resistance. If it is not suitable to use oil, apply soap and soap.

  • When the non-compensating ring and the gland are installed together on the shaft, be careful not to collide with the shaft to avoid damage to the seal ring, and then install the compensation ring assembly. The spring seat fastening screws should be tightened several times evenly.

  • Before fixing the gland, check if any foreign matter adheres to the contact surface of the friction pair. Use the thrust compensation ring to compress it axially. Loosen the hand compensation ring and it will spring back automatically. The screws are evenly locked.

  • Do not damage the seal ring and seal the end face. Note that the spring should not be skewed to ensure the coaxiality between the end face of the stationary ring seal and the shaft. Mechanical seals

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