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Mechanical Seal Before And After Installation Should Pay Attention To What?
Nov 21, 2017

Mechanical seal is a need for high precision mechanical equipment components, Tianjin mechanical seal performance and service life and the host operating conditions, precision and seal installation has a great relationship. Therefore, the mechanical seal installation, the installation process is still installed after the completion of all necessary as required, otherwise it is easy to affect the production efficiency, the formation of losses.

Before installation should be based on working conditions and the host situation Correct choice of the appropriate type of mechanical seal and data combinations, the installation of mechanical seal pump or other similar rotating machinery in operation, the rotor axial skewness ≤ 0.3mm. It is necessary to have a chamfer of 3 × 10 ° at the level of the shaft (or boss) where the mechanical seal is to be mounted, and to have a smooth transition with a roughness of Ra ≤ 1.6. Mechanical seal installed shaft (or sleeve) of the outer surface roughness Ra ≤ 1.6, beating public service ≤ 0.04mm, standard civil service h6. Install mechanical seal stationary ring sealing end cover and adjoining the outer surface of the seal contact surface roughness Ra≤1.6, the standard of public service for the H8, positioning the end face of the shaft perpendicularity ≤ 0.04mm.

After the installation of the seal is completed, it is necessary to exhaust the air in the seal cavity, especially the double-end seal with the seal liquid, and more attention should be paid to draining the air. Re-drive, you should first open inhalation valve until the medium into the sealed chamber and then open the motor. For those who have crystalline medium, start the car again, the sealing surface, springs and other related structural parts of the crystal wash with detergent wash before driving. Before starting the device, check the shaft resistance hand feeling should be normal and uniform, do not allow kink phenomenon. Equipment before operation, it is necessary to seal the chamber full of media, adhere to the outstanding smooth, dry conflict is strictly prohibited, resulting in seal failure.