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Mechanical Seal Equipment Needs To Pay Attention To What Matters?
Apr 23, 2018

Mechanical seal equipment needs to pay attention to what matters?

Mechanical seals require a very high quality of their equipment, because it itself is a rotating machinery oil seal equipment, it is in a pair or more than a pair of mechanical seal faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the fluid pressure and compensation arrangements elastic (or magnetic force) In cooperation with the role of assisting and sealing, the mechanical seal is adhered to and slid relatively to prevent fluid leakage. Then the precautions for mechanical seals when using them are:

1. The radial runout of the imported mechanical seal of the equipment shaft shall be ≤ 0.04 mm, and the amount of axial motion shall not exceed 0.1 mm;

2. When the sealing part of the equipment is in the equipment, it should be kept clean, the sealing parts should be cleaned, and the sealed end face should be intact to prevent the container-type mechanical seal impurities and dust from being carried into the sealed part;

3. in the process of equipment is prohibited from hitting, hitting, to prevent the mechanical seal against damage and seal failure;

4. When the equipment is in contact with the seal, the outer surface should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil so that the equipment can be smoothly.

5. when the device is in the static ring gland, it is necessary to tighten the screw and force it evenly to ensure the vertical needs of the end face of the static ring and the axis line;

6. After the device is used to push the moving ring by hand, the moving ring can move on the shaft and have a certain elasticity;

7. After the equipment is rotated, the rotating shaft and the rotating shaft should be felt without any weight;

8. The equipment must be filled with media before operation to prevent dry seals from failing.

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