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Mechanical Seal Installation And Commissioning Work Is The Decisive Factor To The Service Life
Feb 23, 2018

Installation requirements and preparatory work

1, mechanical seal on the pump shaft related technical requirements: with the shaft size accuracy h7, with the sealing box cavity hole coaxial degree ≤0.08mm, roughness

RA1.6ΜM Rotor axial string momentum ≤0.3mm. The pump body and the machine seal fitting end face (the collection type mechanical seal) verticality ≤0.08mm, the diameter jumps ≤0.08mm, the roughness ra3.2µm.

2, check the mechanical seal will be installed model, parameters and specifications are consistent with the equipment.

3, in order to facilitate the installation smooth, should check the mechanical seal sleeve O-ring will pass through the spindle shaft end of the 3*10, round

(R1.6), whether the surface roughness reached Ra1.6. SEAL RING seat hole end must have 1.5~3x200 chamfer, and should be supported in addition to its sharp edges and burrs and dirt, to ensure that mechanical seals in a clean environment to install.

4, before the installation must check the surface quality of the parts, especially the static and dynamic ring sealing end surface has no touch, scratches, etc., if there is damage, must be repaired or replaced. The surface of the part must be cleaned and applied with a clean lubricant on the end surface of the dynamic and static ring seal. For the installation

Convenient, can be in O-ring and related parts coated with a thin layer of clean oil (note that ethylene propylene, butyl and other special rubber can not contact with oil, the recommended use of soap, glycerin or detergent) for lubrication.

II. Installation

Note: Mechanical seals are precision parts and components, in the installation process should not be ruthless smash seal components!

1. Non-set mechanical seal, the static component of mechanical seal is loaded into the seat hole of the gland of the pump cavity. When the V-ring structure is used in mechanical seals, special attention should be paid to the pressure direction of the V-shaped openings in the medium (or seal liquid) during installation. Put the mechanical seals on the pump shaft (also must make the V-shaped openings face the pressure direction) according to the model specifications to determine the position of the spring seat and

According to the requirements of the adjustment, so that the spring pressure to achieve the design work requirements. So as to ensure the normal working pressure of the sealing surface. Tighten the screws evenly.

④, installation of one-way rotation (that is, and ring or hook-Spring drive) mechanical seals, in particular, attention should be paid to the rotation of the spring, its rotation direction should be the same as the axis, so that the more compact spring. From the mechanical seal of the static ring end to the dynamic ring to determine the rotation direction of the shaft, clockwise direction to the right, counterclockwise direction of left.

2. Set-mounted mechanical seals

The assembly-type mechanical seal is made up of a pre installation component before the factory is installed without the need for sizing treatment. However, special attention should be paid to the installation of the shaft or shoulder should be absolutely avoid collisions (especially ceramic parts have broken risk). The flushing system orientation should be installed according to the machine seal mark or the drawing marking orientation requirement (if improperly installed, resulting in the working cavity gas exhaust, form not fluid film, sealing surface dry friction and burn out), to ensure the normal and safe work of mechanical seals. , installation of mechanical seals, in the sealing box after the axial positioning, the whole mechanical seal device is installed on the host and evenly tightened the connecting bolts between the mechanical seal seat and the sealing box, and then evenly tighten the fastening bolts between the mechanical seal sleeve and the main shaft (when using screw drive), if fasten the bolt not tight, will appear axle and sleeve skid, Cause serious wear and tear and seal failure. After tightening the bolts, remove the locating block. If the mechanical seal adopts disc clamping drive structure, in order to ensure clamping force, sleeve clamping range of the shaft surface should be as far as possible to remove grease, should be symmetrical and even tighten the drive ring on the true bolts (if not clamped, will appear with the same phenomenon of damage), and then remove the positioning block. If the mechanical seal uses the split ring O-ring tightening positioning, mechanical seals installed, should be split ring and O-ring removed. , after the installation, the application of the hand axis rotation direction of the spindle, the operation should be smooth, flexible rotation, must not rub, bite tight phenomenon. If there is any abnormality, it must be checked and adjusted.

3, according to the mechanical seal requirements of the flushing scheme with the requirements of flushing cooling water, mechanical seal flushing cooling water inlet pressure gauge, adjust the valve after the pressure gauge used to adjust the flushing water pressure, for equipment to run well equipped. Set-type single end face mechanical seals: external flushing water can be used for water, pressure should not be too large, (≤0.05MPA), keep flush water unimpeded, can not be interrupted. Set-type dual-face mechanical seals: it is best to use room temperature clean water. The sealing liquid pressure should be higher than the medium pressure 0.1~0.2mpa for the plugging effect, and the pressure can be selected between 0.2-1mpa as appropriate. The flushing water must be ensured uninterrupted.

Iii. operation and Precautions

1, absolutely do not allow mechanical seals dry turn. The equipment must be fully vented in the pump chamber before the equipment is started, so that the media can be filled with sealed cavities before the device is opened.

2, the operation of the equipment should strictly follow the following procedures:

1 before the operation of the equipment, should first open flushing water, 5 minutes before the start of the host;

If does not open flushing water, will cause the sealing surface dry friction, the temperature is too high, seals the ring to burn and the seal ring coking, causes the seal completely to fail. In the double face and the multi-faceted structure, the phenomenon is more prominent.

2 in the operation of the equipment, should always check whether the flushing water is unblocked, the pressure is in line with the requirements;

3 The operation of the pump is the best continuous work, if you must stop, you should pipe, pump cavity reflux sediment flushing clean. Device to stop

When running, you must stop for 5 minutes before you can close the flushing water.