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Mechanical Seal Installation Need To Pay Attention To What Matters?
May 17, 2018

Mechanical seal installation need to pay attention to what matters?

Mechanical seals play an important role in mechanical seals for working performance. How to install mechanical seals without paying attention to the relevant details will lead to damage of the seals and also bring many hazards to the mechanical equipment. Etc. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following three major issues when installing mechanical seals.

(1) Determination of mounting dimensions

When installing, the mechanical seal book or sample should be imported according to the product's instructions to ensure the installation size of the mechanical seal.

(2) Before loading, the shaft (shaft sleeve) and gland should have no burrs and the bearings are in good condition; the seals, shafts, seal chambers and glands should be cleaned. To reduce frictional resistance, place a thin layer of oil on the shaft where the mechanical seal is installed for lubrication, taking into account the mechanical seal of the rubber O ring

If you do not use oil, apply soapy water. The structure of the floating static ring without anti-rotation pin should not be oiled and should be dry loaded into the gland.

(3) Install the stationary ring and the gland together on the shaft, taking care not to collide with the shaft, and then install the moving ring assembly. The set screws of the spring seat or the drive seat should be evenly tightened several times.

Before the gland is not fixed, the compensating ring is pressed by hand to make axial compression. After releasing, the compensating ring can automatically spring back without seizure, and then the gland screw is evenly locked.

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